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Every bit of iFollow's diverse and eclectic musical tastes have come together in this album, showcasing his love of various vocal styles, instruments and genres. From his start as one half of the hip hop duo theBRIDGE, through the love affair he began having with folk and acoustic music, all the way to his very recent fascination with poetry and spoken word - this album puts his entire musical journey on display in all of its diversity and splendour.
Lyrically, the album is as diverse as it is musically. Ranging from childhood to life's end, from love to hate and back again, from light and giddy to dark and somber, no part of life is left untouched as iFollow weaves his own personal story together with the emotions that we've all experienced at one time or another. The journeys presented are not just his, they're ours.


released June 16, 2015

Programming: Rob Wilson
Additional Guitars: Ryan Hildebrand and Zac Klassen
Keys: Kevin Dick
Percussion: Ken Birchall and Zac Klassen
BGVs: Hannah Franz and Bowen Wiebe



all rights reserved


iFollow Winnipeg, Manitoba

iFollow is an independent artist based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He brings to the table a unique and refreshing blend of hip hop, folk, spoken word, and acoustic stylings that weave their way from light-hearted and gentle to powerful and poignant. Being a fan of a whole gamut of musical genres himself, variety is the name of the game and iFollow hopes to deliver something for everyone. ... more

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Track Name: Chicken Rap (Fear)
Verse 1:
I’m here with a nerf gun under my covers
Got every single door locked
Could’ve been outside playing with the others
Instead I’ve got the windows blocked
I’m scared of everything, the dark, the fog, the movie the ring
I wonder what’s hiding down under my sink, or what comes alive every time that I blink
(gasp) Really just think, I don’t need to be scared, it’s probably just all in my mind
But then up goes my hair, it just isn’t fair, whenever I step out I find

I put my courage on the shelf
As I dreamt of power, fame and wealth
Now I’m so scared it hurts my health
Terror’s posted here
Fear of failure, fear of pain
Of being all alone again
Makes me shed a tear
But what I fear most is fear
Living in fear
Why am I so gripped with this fear
Perfect Love cast out fear and doubt

Verse 2:
I had to go and shoot one of my brothers
He scared me from behind
So I’ve been grounded by my mother
Man, this happens every time
Why won’t they just leave me alone, stop telling me that there’s a ghost in my own
Whenever I think that I’m finally at peace, Godzilla jumps out; scares me out of my briefs
(gasp) It’s such a relief when I notice it’s him, oh wonderful brother of mine
What happens then, I shoot him again, you better not tattle this time
Track Name: Symphony of Regretted Words
Verse 1:
When I look up to the sky
I see a vulture circling far overhead
Waiting for our love to die
And when it draws it’s final breath
He will descend upon us
Tearing our flesh. Then we will wish
That we’d learned a little quicker
Some things are better when they’re left unsaid

Chorus 1:
Listen to the symphony of regretted words
The music made by the scars and hurts
Listen to the crying out of a soul in need
In need of the love that you once gave to me

Verse 2:
Hate is such a powerful word
When it comes from you
You know my every weakness
How to open every wound
Now you’re tearing me to pieces
Right along the creases
But you should have known
Hurt people hurt people
And those in glass steeples
Should never throw stones

Chorus 2:
Listen to the symphony of regretted words
The music made by the scars and hurts
Listen to the crying out of a soul in need
In need of the love that you once gave to me
Listen to the symphony of sorrow
And know that I dread facing tomorrow
‘Cause every memory that I recall
Keeps telling me that we have ruined it all
Track Name: Listen to the Silence
Listen to the silence... Let it penetrate your soul
Hold on to the quiet and, if you try it, you will know
That silence is a gateway to our own inmost parts
That in the silence we can't help but see the depths of our own hearts Some of us spend our lives in silence
Others just spend time
Trying to hide and deprive themselves
Of the truth inside their minds
There's a reason why silence is uncomfortable
There's a reason so many avoid it
When something shows us we are not what we'd hoped
It's no wonder we try to destroy it
Just come look at the string of lies I've spun to make myself feel adequate
The web got so convoluted it's almost elegant the way that I fashioned it You don't know the half of it
Is what I spat at those who would question it
Anger became my ambulance
It would rescue my heart every time I wrestled with the silence
But then again, I guess rescue isn't the best choice of word
It's absurd now to think that those bursts of rage
Ever 'rescued' me from anything. I mean sure
They'd curb the pain
But two thirds of the time even that was in vain
Because of the burden they left in it's place. What remained
Was a chain of shame and regret
That I still find it hard to face to this day
My grave
The place where I buried my song
My headstone read here lies a man who died alone
This heart that had grown as cold
As the daggers of ice that were thrown at me
Through the chosen words of others
Enemies. Friends. Family
Regardless of their intention, I had no direction left to run
I mean come on, not even one?
God not even one place of safety?
Was it too much to ask for to have one shelter from the storm?
One place where I could run for a soft touch to keep me warm?
But every blessing comes with pain
Every stronghold that I found in an attempt to hold back the rain
Left me exposed to slings and arrows that would aim to have me slain
With every new attack the silence grew
Until I was suffocating under a veil of black
Extending from my own heart. Every voice was one I knew
And they're words, too, were ones I recognized
They were lies I've bought so many times
That they became ingrained in my very being
Disguised as truth they pumped through my veins
Delivering poison to every organ
So resilient that the flow sustained even when the words changed
I came into a new place
Where on the surface
People said things like "be yourself"
And it worked for a term
I bandaged the hurts and put salve on the burns
But the final purpose it served
Was to show me that my self was still worthless
If I wanted to work this thing called life
Then I had to purchase a new personality
The one I had couldn't get a wife
Would never be a father, could never build a life
I was introduced to a new word: immature
The catch-all when they weren't sure what you were
But they knew that in their diagnosis
You were closer to sickness than cure
I was taught to think severity was to be equated with maturity
There seemed to be this thought that only a child ever smiled
And maybe they were right
But it caused a lot of pain and insecurity
When I realized maturity was something out of sight
You see smiling had become how I coped with pain
Laughter was how I grieved
Joy was how I'd kiss the wounds and try to heal the broken parts of me
But those who learn learn quick, they say
And I am no exception
I learned that candor doesn't pay
And to bottle up rejection ’til it blows
That's what I chose.
And just before I closed the door
To the shattered pieces left on the floor of my soul
I chose one thing more
I chose to leave
I chose to leave my hopes and dreams as they started to rot
Beneath the splintered beams that had once held them aloft
I chose to leave the thought of ever finding love
Because love was a notion only kept by those who were above
The unwritten status that I was apparently born into
My heart was torn beyond repair
But then I stopped
Just as I was about to seal it there
A crippled organ that could no longer beat
The last part of my humanity forever abandoned to defeat
I saw You
So the door stayed open
In spite of the loss of everything I'd put my hope in
The one thing I could not bring myself to abandon
Was You
Track Name: What You Did
Verse 1:
What can I say to praise You the way You deserve
What can I do to honour You, ‘cause it’s
What You said that gave me my worth and it’s
What You did…
What can I say as thanks for Your grace
What can I do to bring glory to You, ‘cause it’s
What you said that put a glow on my face and it’s
What you did...

When You died in my place, freed me from sin
Now in light of Your grace my new life can begin
The victory’s won, in You I am hidden
Thank You God that there’s freedom in what You did

Verse 2:
What can I say to repay Your forgiveness
What can I do that’s pleasing to You, ‘cause it’s
What You said that has made me a witness of
What You did…
What can I say to make my heart stay
What can I do to show my love for You, ‘cause it’s
What You said that showed me a better way and it’s
What You did...

I’m never alone now that I’ve made my home with You
I’ll never spend life on my own
Forgiven and free now that You paid the price for me
I’ll never spend life on my own
Track Name: Hopeless
Verse 1:
I was just taking off, headed for the skyline
The fine looking place that I was jetting for was my time
It was like I might spit a tight rhyme, right?
Then I’d go from dark nights to the lime light
All my life I wanted to be equal
But in your sight, I’d always be beneath you
So when it finally came to my turn
You were hoping that I’d crash and burn
But I didn’t, instead I started to soar
Gravity just couldn’t hold me anymore
You got jealous, you wanted all the glory
Couldn’t bear the thought of this being my story
Well I’m sorry that you never understood
I gave you the kind of love that a brother would
But you just let your anger churn
You had to see me crash and burn
So you decided to attack, you went on the offensive
My world going black was all you needed for incentive
Your hatred is extensive it makes you hypertensive
Blinded to the fact the price you’re paying is expensive
Just let live, but no, you’d rather die
Than let me be the one with the chance to fly
So you blast my ship from bow to stern
Making sure that I would crash and burn
Now you got what you wanted, right?
But you’re still not satisfied
You’re just so filled with spite
That you’ve got to fuel your pride
So you try to make everyone hate me
Get ‘em all on your side
Lesson learned, no such thing as friend
Crashed and burned, but I’ll rise again

Yeah I’m heading off to war
The whole world’s against me
I tried to show love
But all they did was tempt me
Said they’d always be there
But now my corner’s empty
It seems hopeless
It seems hopeless

Verse 2:
So now I’m building from the ground up
Enemies are all around but
I won’t let ‘em keep me down ‘cuz
There’s a way that I have found
The sound when our hearts find peace
When we’re found to be drowning it brings release
Though you’re waiting with the urn
Never again will I crash and burn
I’ll just keep on persevering
‘Cuz I know the end is near and
Even though you’re all still sneering
Never has my purpose been clearer
I need to pray for my enemies, frienemies, sea
anemones and my neighbours
Seek God’s favour ’till He returns
When sin and death are gonna crash and burn
Bind up the brokenhearted giving them a garland
The Lord is faithful to finish what He started
Freedom to the guarded, liberty to captives
God’s Holy Spirit is the only one that gives
Renewed strength to keep up the pace
The courage we need just to finish this race
Mercy and grace I could never earn
Means I may crash, but I’ll never burn
So we worship in spirit
Knowing that our God will hear it
When He’s with us there fear in our hearts
Even though it’s clear that we are
Trapped in a world full of vengeance
While heading down a path that will lead to repentance
We know in the end it’s safe, in the light we learn
That the darkness’ll crash and burn
Track Name: Stars ft. Katelyn Friesen
Verse 1:
It steals my breath
The glow across a sunset sky
But I still prefer
The starlight that comes from your eyes
I love a good song
Dancing the whole night through
But I still prefer
Silence under the moon with you

When the stars look down on us darling
They’re lighting your face up like rubies and gold
While the stars above us are dancing
I’m keeping your hands in mine until we get old

Verse 2:
To see the mountains
I might just walk 500 miles
But I still prefer
The way you light the night with your smile
I love the feeling
Of water through my fingertips
But I still prefer
The soft, midnight touch of your lips
Track Name: Burn It All Away
Burn it all away, I want none of it to stay
I need to lose control, but I can’t seem to let go
So take it all from me, I need to be set free
I’m a lamb that’s gone astray
So burn it all away

Verse 1:
These days I’m feeling stuck, I’m caught up in distraction
You’re calling me to stillness but I really need some action
I’m joining every faction, looking for a cheap thrill
I’m losing traction I really need to be still
Just be chill and spend some time with You
Too busy preaching and teaching to fall on You
Lord I’m calling you, but I’m hauling too
Why can’t I just give up on this life and find my all in you
That’s all I’m called to do; love God and love my neighbour
But money’s calling so I guess I’ll just leave that for later
If novelty’s mine then everything’s fine, possessions fuel my pride
If power is mine then everything’s fine, I’ve got no need to hide
Look at the kingdom I built, but then it isn’t long
Until I notice all my chains and where I went wrong
They say pride comes before a fall, and I’m falling badly
But if that’s the price of freedom, then I pay it gladly

Verse 2:
These days I’m feeling stuck, I’m caught up in depression
Sorrow is a class that seems to always be in session
I’m getting the impression that I’m not really worth much
The pain would lessen if I could feel her touch
How did I earn such malice and hatred
All I feel’s rejected, neglected, frustrated
Man I really hate it, I’m always being cast out
Always feeling jaded, my confidence has passed out
I’m on the fast route down to destruction
Unless you take an increase, and I, a reduction
If your love is mine then everything’s fine, sometimes I can’t believe it
If mercy is mine then everything’s fine, Lord help me to receive it
Fall to my knees and I pray, God have your way with me
Give me ears to hear, Lord give me eyes to see
The darkness always makes me fall, and I’m falling badly
But if that’s the price of freedom, then I pay it gladly
Track Name: Joyful Now
Verse 1:
I've been through it all, thick and thin
I've been to the bottom and back again
I've seen hope die, had my dreams shot down
Felt hatred so thick that I thought I would drown
I've been kicked around, been hung out to dry
There've even been times when I wished I would die

But I'm joyful now
I'm joyful somehow
I’m joyful here
I'm joyful with you near
I've dwelt in sorrow far too long
Thank God it's done I'm moving on
And I'm joyful now
I'm joyful somehow

Verse 2:
Some times are still hard, the world can be cruel
Things still fall apart and I feel like a fool
I'm still lost at sea, but I'm on my way home
I need the Light, I can't find land on my own
The battle feels long, but life is short
So this is the song I'll sing when I'm hurt

Verse 3:
Now I've found a Love that's with me through all
I kept falling down until He broke my fall
Now I'm on my way up, I'm seeing new sights
I'm on a path to the Son, the brightest of lights
So I strum my guitar and I lift up my voice
You offered me life, Jesus I've made my choice
Track Name: The Good Ol' Days
Ah, the good ol’ days
One of the classic ways that we refer
To a phase of life we’ve gone through
We reminisce about the things we miss as our mind plays tricks on us
Fulfilling some secret wish to give the days of our past meaning
We trust our memories to carry us off
Adrift in the seas of what we think there was
Or could have been. But what really are the good ol’ days?
Some glowing beacon that we pull out of the haze of life’s uncertainty? When we’re freaking out because we’re certain
We had less breaches in our curtains and walls
During past last calls and speeches about how tall our fame reaches
Is it all a misremembered dream
That we hold in high esteem
Because it makes us feel as though freedom wasn’t always out of reach? What if they’re not what we think?
What if the good ol’ days are back when you first realized you could control your hand
With your brain.
Imagine the wonder in your underdeveloped mind
As you realize that you fingers are little servants
Nervous little soldiers that you can send into battle
To defend your favourite rattle from the enemy
Your sister
Oh the battles we’d have with our sisters
Or brothers. Or fathers, or mothers
The things we used to fight about before ‘real life’ smothered us
Now seem so small and trivial
But we felt so witty all the times my friends and I
Built cities and forts where girls were not allowed
We vowed hatred so many times
As if the cold shoulder
Was something we could hold out with for eternity.
But when it came down to show and tell
They were part of the mould for every story we told
Until we were old enough to learn how to lock them out
And I’m not talking about all of the shouting matches
I’m talking about the scenes
Where we’d play catch with our dreams
We’d toss love back and forth like a baseball
Sharing every part of ourselves as we etched them
Onto each others hearts so that we wouldn’t forget
We painted the portrait of our lives in those games
And sure, sometimes they were kind of lame
But we came into this world with nothing but a name
And we had to decide for ourselves
What parts to leave on the shelves
And what parts to give to the little elves
That were going to craft us into the person we’d grow up to be
Decisions like that are way too big
For one little person to handle
So we’d go to our sisters. Or to our brothers
Or even, sometimes, to our fathers or mothers.
Remember the days when our blankets were invincible?
When it mattered not what monsters were hovering above us
Because as soon as we crawled underneath our covers
We were safe
Safe behind our impenetrable force field
Until mom and dad would see the make-shift bat signal
We had made out of a flashlight and some black paper
Because once that happened, we almost felt sorry for the monster
After all, it was about to get flattened
Rolled up and tossed out
Before it had the chance to do so much as shout in surprise
In hindsight, it really was quite silly of that monster
I mean, how dumb do you have to be
To come out of the ONE closet
That happens to be right down the hall
From the mightiest man of them all: MY dad
Didn’t the monster know that my dad could SO beat up its dad?
Or your dad, or anyone else’s dad for that matter
Remember when all our dads had black belts?
Any time we felt threatened
We’d pelt that bully with a weaponized assault of our father’s greatest hits
Bits and pieces of stories pulled back from glory days
The chips and creases edited out in the most impressive ways
Because reality was far too frail a tool
To describe how powerful dad really was.
Remember the first time you ever had a ‘crush’?
Remember the way your heart would gush every time
You shared a touch with them?
We’d offer to share our lunch money in some
Awkward attempt at romance, because
Even though we had never shared a glance with that person before
Suddenly there was something more
That made us want to take a chance
To take a chance at ‘liking’ girls
Even though I’m pretty sure every little boy swears that they will never
Reach that stage, in spite of everyone telling us it was inevitable
But suddenly the sky parted
And the coodies disappeared
And even when she farted
You smelled that stench through rose coloured stained glass windows
Or, at least, I think that’s how the saying goes
Gravity always felt so much stronger when they weren’t around
Like you were held to the ground by a lack of anywhere better to be
But when he came near… See
You always knew you could fly
It’s a desire you had locked deep inside
So that no one would ever find it
And now you try to suppress it again but it’s got wings of its own
And before you know what’s happening it’s flown the coop
Suddenly everything you do seems like an oops
And you become painfully aware of all the things
You never used to care about
Like if he found out what your hair looks like
After a muggy summer day at the lake, would there still
Be a chance of him asking you out on a date?
It’s funny, the way hindsight works
When we shine a light on our past in the midst of present hurts
It makes even the most painful phase of life
Seem like the good ol’ days
But what if that’s not it?
What if the good ol’ days aren’t even in the past at all?
What if the songs that we’ll call good
In the soundtracks of our lives
Are the songs that have not yet been played?
What if it’s not that we’ve arrived
And left a place where we should have stayed
But that we haven’t paid the time it takes to reach the good ol’ days
How many hours have we let slip, gazing in rear view mirrors
Tripped up by our fears of what may come in future years?
What if the good ol’ days are something we need to build?
And they will only be attained once we are filled with more than pain
Once we are thrilled by more than our own gain
That’s when our days will be good
When we refuse to live our lives in vain
But instead we love the way we should
You see, some of us need help to cope
When our hearts are full of lead
And we are those that need the hope
That there are better days ahead
Because sometimes the present seems like anything but a gift
And if we’re to lift ourselves out of resentment
We need something more effective than our past
So raise the anchor
Hoist the mast
Aside is not where we’ll be cast
In sight of waves
In spite of gale
If life’s ahead
We will not fail
Track Name: Our Story
Verse 1:
With every waking breath
I tried to show you I adore you
Now that you have left
Know that my heart still beats for you
If all the world’s a stage
You played the starring role in my life
Please help me to turn the page
Until we’re joined in paradise

When they tell our story
Let them tell it for His glory
When they recount our days
Let the tale bring Him praise
‘Cause every step we’ve taken
Has been a blessing in the making
And when I reach the journey’s end
I will be with you again

Verse 2:
You have taught me love in the life we shared together
As you look down from above,
my heart is holding on forever
If ever I would fall, you were there to pick me up again
My dear, you were my all, I was the happiest of men

Verse 3:
When I was young, love was all I hoped for
Now it’s said and done, you are the one that I adore
The love that you showed was the reason to my rhyme
We’re parted, I know, but only for a time